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Four Hours: Learning to Carry Concealed in Wisconsin

Training Requirements for WI Concealed Carry Derided by instructors, law enforcement, and gun rights advocates

Auto Mechanic Kerry Kimball considers his gun collection small—a couple of shotguns, a .22-caliber rifle each for his son and himself, and three handguns of varying calibers. When asked about his upcoming pistol course, he produces packet full of NRA literature, to be handed out at his first, eight-hour session October 15. Kimball emphasizes that this is not a concealed carry class, that he and his partner intend to put together a better, longer curriculum which addresses additional knowledge they believe people should have when carrying a concealed firearm. But that does not matter—according to the new law, Kimball, operating out of his home near New Glarus—will already provide his students the minimum training required to carry a concealed firearm in Wisconsin.

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