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Mother in a Bar: a search for Wisconsin-style civility in New Orleans

Editor’s note: This is the first of the “Baby in a Bar”-categorized posts–foreign dispatches that compare and contrast Wisconsin’s culture to others.

Hangover food at the Clover Grill on Bourbon Street. Photo: Jamie Peacock, Jan 8, 2010

As we walked the streets of the New Orleans French Quarter in the sweltering June heat, we knew we were in for a battle. We were hungry. We were thirsty. We were hot. But, we also had two dogs and a baby in tow. We wanted indoor, air-conditioned seating that would serve us food.

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Somewhere from Nowhere, pt. 1: Mindoro’s Bell Coulee Rock Shelter

Where's the entry in the journalism ethics guidebook on "posting pictures of yourself about to trespass?" Feb 3, 2009

Not every place on the National Register of Historic Places gets a fancy bronze plaque. And really, some of them should not.

Following a path to GPS coordinate [REDACTED], I’m now standing on a place earmarked by the National Register of Historic Places, staring across a shining, snow crusted valley. The process of getting here has been half the enjoyment.  As I take a moment to ponder my stance on this rocky escarpment. There is no one here, no signs denoting its importance, and no clear direction to this place. I scramble down quickly because, in addition to taking in a beautiful view, I’m also trespassing.

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A Photographic Eulogy to the Anti-Walker Movement

It was all pretty interesting. Sometimes fun. Sometimes serious. Sometimes, a complete spectacle. In Madison, particularly, it was always a little theatrical. A portly man going on a hunger strike. Decrepit, carbon-spewing automobiles, re-purposed to carry the banner of “Recall Walker.” A weekly outdoor play, showing an angry “badger” going after a “weasel,” (note: the “badger” in the play makes an appearance in a picture of the June 5 recall rally. My daughter was a little terrified of getting any closer). On the evening of the election, a tandem bike rode by our outdoor table, adorned with “Barrett/Mitchell” signs.

Both riders were dressed as Spider-Man. For some reason.

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In defense of: State Senator Glenn Grothman

“We’re out here protesting Obama’s health care mandate,” said Jolene. She was clearing a table at a rapidly dispersing protest outside the Federal Courthouse in Madison.

Curiously stacked among the bumper stickers and anti-abortion material was a flyer from Wisconsin’s favorite extreme conservative, Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend).

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For the Wisconsin Recall election, BIAB Endorses…

Do blogs run political endorsements? And at 8:30 a.m. on election day, does it matter?

This blog’s team (including legal council Caillou, a goldfish) has long held an editorial policy to not stand behind any candidate. But really, from the perspective of a blog dealing with the culture of Wisconsin, a stance must be taken.

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