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Madison’s Workaday Performer: Epilogue

Lyle conducts an interview in his office--a dusty, century-old Carrillon tower. (Jacob Bielanski/2011)

Lyle is quick to brush off his jobs, as if they are simply a means to an end. He does not worry about the lights being shut off in the climatology office if he leaves, in spite of the fact that he is its only paid employee. He does not worry about being succeeded in the Carillon. He knows that one day, “Whad’ya Know” will end production.

But will he “retire”?

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Pay the Badger already!

(Author’s note: there is nothing in the NFL world to talk about.  It’s all training camp fluff pieces about how the “defensive line looks great” and “so-and-so has heart” and “we feel like we’re ready to go to a higher level.”  In other words, banal bullsh*t.  So, I thought I’d talk about college football, and give everyone a different reason to yell at me.)

(Editor’s note: Go Badgers. 😉 )

If it were taxpayer dollars sewing those ridiculous outfits, HEADS WOULD ROLL. (Photo: KDSwenson/Flickr, 2011)

As long as I can remember (about two weeks back or so, on a good day) I have always been fascinated with the game of football.  Not specific teams or players, but the mechanics, the nuts and bolts. But 45-0 finishes between powerhouses and Pop Warner league teams are one of the reasons I can’t get into college football.

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Madison’s Workaday Performer pt. 4: Playing for God

Lyle grew up on a farm in Abbotsford, Wisconsin. The son of Norwegian and German parents, he was confirmed into the Peace Evangelical & Reformed Church in 1958. It was the church which provided a meager sustenance for many of his years in Madison.[Myers] says that, of the two organists, he thinks Lyle is the better one.

On November 13, he is performing at First Church of Christ, Scientist, deep in Madison’s west side. He is warming up as people file in. Twenty-one followers will arrive on time.

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