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Pay the Badger already!

(Author’s note: there is nothing in the NFL world to talk about.  It’s all training camp fluff pieces about how the “defensive line looks great” and “so-and-so has heart” and “we feel like we’re ready to go to a higher level.”  In other words, banal bullsh*t.  So, I thought I’d talk about college football, and give everyone a different reason to yell at me.)

(Editor’s note: Go Badgers. 😉 )

If it were taxpayer dollars sewing those ridiculous outfits, HEADS WOULD ROLL. (Photo: KDSwenson/Flickr, 2011)

As long as I can remember (about two weeks back or so, on a good day) I have always been fascinated with the game of football.  Not specific teams or players, but the mechanics, the nuts and bolts. But 45-0 finishes between powerhouses and Pop Warner league teams are one of the reasons I can’t get into college football.

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