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The Packers’ Schedule: Nine Weeks’ Rest before REALLY Playing Football

I was just looking at the 2012 schedules for my favorite teams:  I couldn’t help but notice that Green Bay was apparently scheduled to play Canadian League teams for the first half of the season.

For a 15-1 team, the Packers pulled a remarkably weak field, with their biggest challenges being the opener against the 49ers (really just an average team in a weak division), the Bears the week after (an exciting early test for both teams) and Houston week 6 (provided Matt Schaub doesn’t get a hang nail or stub a toe, or get the sniffles or whatever by then.)

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The Packers and the NFL: Our Manly Soap Opera?

Is the NFL turning into a slightly less-scripted version of the World Wrestling Entertainment?

The NFL seems to be targeting its soap opera for women, but in the clumsy way men always target women (“chicks dig stories that make them cry or go ‘aaaaawwwwwww’. And babies.”)

WWE is sport turned into soap opera (mostly for men.)  The NFL is attempting to wrap a sport up in a thick blanket of soap opera schlock, from long stories about players’ humble origins (and their moms!), to a dramatic benching of a popular coach, to PSAs about head injuries from guys who are paid to run into each other at 40 miles per hour.

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