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Somewhere from Nowhere, pt. 1: Mindoro’s Bell Coulee Rock Shelter

Where's the entry in the journalism ethics guidebook on "posting pictures of yourself about to trespass?" Feb 3, 2009

Not every place on the National Register of Historic Places gets a fancy bronze plaque. And really, some of them should not.

Following a path to GPS coordinate [REDACTED], I’m now standing on a place earmarked by the National Register of Historic Places, staring across a shining, snow crusted valley. The process of getting here has been half the enjoyment.  As I take a moment to ponder my stance on this rocky escarpment. There is no one here, no signs denoting its importance, and no clear direction to this place. I scramble down quickly because, in addition to taking in a beautiful view, I’m also trespassing.

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Trempealeau, Wis.: Geology Errs in Wisconsin’s Favor

View from Perrot Ridge

We are but insignificant specks...

Trempealeau, Wisconsin is further proof that Mother Nature hates Minnesota. From a topographical standpoint, with its jagged bluffs and sandstone outcroppings, this city belongs to Minnesota. However, a few thousand years ago the Mississippi made the decision to veer to the West of Trempealeau Mountain. And for that, those in Wisconsin should be grateful.

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