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Madison’s Workaday Performer: Epilogue

Lyle conducts an interview in his office--a dusty, century-old Carrillon tower. (Jacob Bielanski/2011)

Lyle is quick to brush off his jobs, as if they are simply a means to an end. He does not worry about the lights being shut off in the climatology office if he leaves, in spite of the fact that he is its only paid employee. He does not worry about being succeeded in the Carillon. He knows that one day, “Whad’ya Know” will end production.

But will he “retire”?

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A Photographic Eulogy to the Anti-Walker Movement

It was all pretty interesting. Sometimes fun. Sometimes serious. Sometimes, a complete spectacle. In Madison, particularly, it was always a little theatrical. A portly man going on a hunger strike. Decrepit, carbon-spewing automobiles, re-purposed to carry the banner of “Recall Walker.” A weekly outdoor play, showing an angry “badger” going after a “weasel,” (note: the “badger” in the play makes an appearance in a picture of the June 5 recall rally. My daughter was a little terrified of getting any closer). On the evening of the election, a tandem bike rode by our outdoor table, adorned with “Barrett/Mitchell” signs.

Both riders were dressed as Spider-Man. For some reason.

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